Since 1963, Cook Group companies have been among the leaders in developing health care devices that have improved lives around the world. It’s been at the forefront of medical research and product development in interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, urology, neuroradiology, vascular medicine, critical care, and other growing diagnostic and therapeutic practices.

The COOK family also includes companies that manufacture specialized industrial parts and offer such commercial enterprises as transportation and travel, real estate and retail services with sales and marketing offices worldwide.

The story of Cook Group Incorporated began in 1963 with the founding of its flagship company, Cook Incorporated. Using the spare bedroom of Bill and Gayle Cook’s apartment in Bloomington, Indiana as its first “factory” to build wire guides, needles and catheters, the business grew quickly.

Cook Incorporated soon expanded into other fields of medicine, its success fueled by its commitment to providing the highest quality products and the best possible working relations with the physicians using COOK products.

Cook Group evolved as the company developed new enterprises in medicine, overseas medical product manufacturing and distribution, real estate, retail management, and transportation and travel services. Often these new entities emerged because the company needed a product or service that wasn’t available or knew it could provide goods and business functions faster or more efficiently than existing vendors.

Today, COOK is among the world’s best-known and most respected names in medical devices and supplies. Closely allied with top medical research facilities, teaching hospitals and leading specialists around the world, the Cook Group continues to provide innovative, physician-conceived, custom-crafted medical devices to health care providers who will accept nothing but the best for their patients. For more information, please visit

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